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Prin urmare, persoanele interesate sa obtina Certificatul de Atestare ca inspector ITP si care INDEPLINESC toate cerintele RNTR-1, vor participa la un PROGRAM DE INSTRUIRE SI EVALUARE IN VEDEREA AUTORIZARII PERSONALULUI pentru desfasurarea activitatii de ITP.. Informatiile necesare despre curs sunt urmatoarele: - Cursul se organizeaza de RAR, la Sediul Central din Bucuresti, Calea Grivitei, nr. Inspection and test plan checklists are designed to assist customers in assessing the contractor's ITP. It indicates checks done in each work area before and during the inspection. 6. Use an Inspection Test Plan (ITP) Template. Cut down on the time spent in doing the documentation from scratch Oferte noi pe post de Inspector itp. Angajatori de top. Un mod confortabil, gratuit și rapid de a-ți găsi job-ul printre cele 38.000+ oferte recente din România și peste hotare

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Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) for Above Ground Storage Tanks. Dimensional checking for shell plates before (including diagonals for squareness) and after rolling to curvature. Checking all material test certificates (MTC) and all plates are stamped with plate number and cast for the shell, roof, and bottom plates so that they can be identified. The ITP identifies all inspection points for the purchaser's inspector. Then the manufacturer needs to prepare the project quality control plan based on this inspection and test plan. The manufacturer notifies the purchaser's inspector in advance to attend at the factory for witnessing the inspections and tests Angajare Inspector ITP. de la 1 000 € pana la 1 200 €. Urziceni 1 iul Full time. Salveaza ca favorit SA Christine McCardell, Department of Energy OIG, IG-ITP-2001 SA Ryan Spruance, General Services Administration OIG, IG-ITP-2001 SA Dean Thomas, Social Security Administration OIG, IG-ITP-2001 SA Ben Wagar, Department of Energy OIG, IG-ITP-2001. The IG Academy Award Winners in 2019 were: William Barton Award

What is an Inspection and Test Plan? In manufacturing, an Inspection and Test Plan( ITP) is an inspection checklist that includes those characteristics that should be checked at each stage of the process.It could cover all aspects of your process, from receiving inspection, when materials are received to the pre-shipment inspection.. Here a definition of inspection test plan or quality plan. Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) - An Inspection & Test Plan is the program of inspection, testing of materials, and survey shall be prepared and submitted by the contractor to the Engineer for approval before usage and application to the site. Here is a definition of Checklist Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) Template. INSPECTION AND TEST PLAN DOC Number Page Number Project Revision RFQ / PO Number Description Date ITEM NUMBER INSPECTION ACTIVITY BY CONTROL DOCUMENT ACCEPTANCE CRITTERIA VERIFYING DOCUMENT INSPECTION SURVEILLANCE CODE SUPPLIER WP REPRESENTATIVE VERIFICATION BODY CLIENT REPRESENTATIVE.

Inspector ITP - Carmen Debeleac - Transporturi terestre. 1. UNIUNEA EUROPEANĂ GUVERNUL ROMÂNIEI MINISTERUL MUNCII, FAMILIEI, PROTECŢIEI SOCIALE ŞI PERSOANELOR VĂRSTNICE AMPOSDRU Fondul Social European POS DRU 2007- 2013 Instrumente Structurale 2007 - 2013 Investeşte în oameni ! FONDUL SOCIAL EUROPEAN Programul Operaţional Sectorial. A comentat Flippy20 (910 puncte) acum 8 ani Raspunsul e simplu:am fost personal la RAR la grivita si ca raspuns am primit :taxa aproximativ 300 de lei (200 si ceva parca),dar: facultate absolvita:Politehnica,Transporturi-AR + apoi ceva cursuri pe la ei si un test , din cursul pt inspector ITP(in cazul in care nu ai nici o experienta in domeniu) care dureaza aproximativ o saptamana sau :daca ai.

Asigurare RCA prin 99Vehicles - https://ritter.ro/rca-99vehicles Verifica o masina SH din strainatate cu CarVertical: https://www.carvertical.com/ro/?a=YT1&b.. An Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) might also be called a Quality Inspection Plan. Inspection and Test Plans set out critical control points or 'hold points' at various stages within a process. Each control point is a scheduled inspection or verification activity where you will make sure that things are progressing as they should be INSPECTION & TEST PLAN (ITP) ITP is the minimum requirement of the activities for quality control and inspection of the field construction work. This Inspection and Testing Plan outline the extent of witness inspection and its reporting. CONFLICTING REQUIREMENTS Should conflicts exist between this specification and other documents, the following order of precedence shall govern: Scope o

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QA/QC PIPING INSPECTION Piping Hand notes for beginners. QA/QC Documentation; ITP - Inspection & Test Plan Contents of ITP: Defines -Description of the item to be inspected -Applicable specification, Procedure, Method Statement -Acceptance criteria (acceptance according to ASME/API/ specification procedures/drawing/third party/welding procedures, etc.) -QA/QC forms for each inspection. Inspector ITP abbreviation meaning defined here. What does ITP stand for in Inspector? Get the top ITP abbreviation related to Inspector

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  1. INSPECTION AND TEST PLAN This is a sample Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) Document All ITP Documents are individual and custom-made for each job Legend: H - HOLD POINT W - WITNESS POINT R - RANDOM INSPECTION VER - VERIFY Fabrication (Continued) - Magnetic Particle Testing of Lifting Lug Weld Prep, MPP-1 Rev 0 H 4 Final Inspectio
  2. CONSIG_013.1_2.1_R Inspection & Test Plans Page 1 of 7 Inspection & Test Plans (ITP's) A Step by Step Guide to Producing an ITP Based on the generic template provided, the following guidance takes you through the process for establishing an ITP: Step 1 Scope: A simple summary of scope of the works applicable to the ITP should be included
  3. This inspection test plan or ITP is intended to maintain the quality of the concrete works on your projects. Concrete is a critical structural component of your buildings and projects, and the integrity along with the form work and other phases of concrete manufacture and delivery are important for getting your structures and assets right
  4. An ITP might refer to different checklists for each inspection point, or could refer to a code or standard that sets out the requirements for what and how the check must be performed, e.g. AS1012 - Methods of Testing Concrete. A simple ITP can closely match the checklist
  5. Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) - Existing Pressure Vessel Published on July 24, 2019 July 24, 2019 • 28 Likes • 7 Comment
  6. R: Review inspection & test records (Notification not req'd) General Note for Ladder and Platform ITP: 1) Ladder and Platform Witness/hold point by Code Inspector, when applied by Code Stamp/Local Regulation, is to comply with its requirements and to specify in Vendor's ITP. 2) Type of Inspection by Ladder and Platform Purchaser may be changed.
  7. Each Electrical QCP - ITP Template listed below includes the following 3 main components: 1 - Electrical Quality Control Procedure (QCP) This is a document that explains the Scope, Purpose, Definitions, References, Responsibilities & Electrical Inspection and Testing Procedure breaking down into steps the testing activities mentioned in the ITP (item # 2 below)

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  2. Reinforcement Inspection. The next important stage in the ITP for concrete work is the inspection of installed reinforcement works. These include the size and number of main and secondary rebars - where it is fixed, the stirrups, links and hooks details, anchorage and lap lengths, coupler location, and tightness
  3. Inspection Stages Method Verified By: Date: Requirement Frequency Reference Acceptance Criteria Approved By Date: Activity Sample of Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) Project: Scope of Work: Engineered Wood Flooring This form serves as a guide only. Appendix A 2.2 BR / ADOS Prior to Start Work Visual / Specifications Each Delivery Section 3 As per.
  4. Inspection and test plans probably the most important documents for the Quality Control of a construction project. A clear, robust and concise ITP will make things on site easy, it will define.
  5. Corrosionpedia Explains Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) An inspection and test plan will highlight many different testing and inspection tasks. For instance, destructive testing of materials may be done during the initial construction phase of the project to ensure that the materials have adequate properties and that the employees working with the materials have the required skill level for the.
  6. ITP Alumnus Surya Mattu just launched Blacklight. It runs a real-time inspection of potential privacy violations on a given website. It runs a real-time inspection of potential privacy violations on a given website

whereas the ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) is a document that describes the various stages of inspection and testing from start to finish of the manufacture of an item. Generally this will include Monitoring, Review, Witness and Hold Points listed for all relevant parties and this is approved prior to commencement Căută-ți locul de muncă: Inspector itp în Chiajna, județul Ilfov. Angajatori de Top. O metodă, rapidă, gratuită și confortabilă de a găsi un job printre 38.000+ locuri de muncă în România și peste hotare

Normally inspection is done based on an agreed inspection and test plan (ITP). Government. In government and politics, an inspection is the act of a monitoring authority administering an official review of various criteria (such as documents, facilities, records, and any other assets) that are deemed by the authority to be related to the. preparation of inspection & test plans for civil & steelworks, rev.0 foster wheeler energy ltd work practice construction operations 2 of 17 responsibility item activity control docs procedure required report form/ checklist number hold c fw ctci comments • 13530-45c1 • 13530-43c2 • xf11a-000-001 • 13530-45c1 • sewer drainag Reference: 28303. Job Description. ACTIVITIES. • Perform welding, non-destructive test and painting inspection in accordance with approved ITP. • Responsible for timely inspection during fabrication, proactive in the prevention of. non-conformance and problem resolution. • Ensure that required non-destructive test is done on structural. Inspection & Test Plan - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. The Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is a quality assurance tool commonly used throughout the construction industry. An effective ITP may also aid communications, assist to establish expectations and promote collaborative working in the project team

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  1. inspection is covered in Sections 6 and 7 of this study guide and involves the source inspection management systems, source inspection project plan and the inspection and test plan (ITP). The Doing part is covered in Sections 8 and 9 and involves implementing the ITP, participating in scheduled sourc
  2. Actually, I have split the Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) into four part; 1- The first part is the submittal of material technical documentation to the consultant (CN), hence, it can be more than one item depending upon the nature of system to be installed. This part is a Hold point (H) to consultant since you can't purchase material before his.
  3. source inspection is ections 6 covered in and 7 of this study guide aS nd involves the source inspection management systems, source inspection project plan and the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP). The Doing part is covered in Sections 8 and 9 and involves implementing the ITP
  4. Inspection and Test Record for Alignment of Belt-driven Rotating Equipment: RB26P04: Inspection and Test Record for Mixers: RBY002: Site Quality Responsibilities Matrix: RBY003: Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) RBY005A: Quality Audit Schedule: RBY005B: Notice of Quality Audit: RBY005C: Report of Quality Audit: RBY005D: Quality Audit Report.
  5. Inspection Test Plan (ITP) adalah document quality yang harus disiapkan oleh fabricator sebelum proses fabarikasi, construksi, dijalankan. Berikut ini adalah step step bagaimana membuat dan menyiapkan sebuah ITP dalam pekerjaan consturction fabrication : Step 1 Read the contract documents (including the technical specifications) and prepare a list of any discrepancies, ambiguities, missing.
  6. SC. SEEBRIG INVESTMENT SRL Service Multi Marca. Statie ITP sos. Mangaliei nr. 80A. Se ofera conditii foarte bune de lucru si salariu atractiv. Pt. cei interesati astept CV pe adresa de mail: seebrig2004@yahoo.com sau alte inf. la tel 0766682881 sau 0720817121 Cerinte:- seriozitate si responsabilitate- foarte bune cunostinte tehnice auto

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4.2. Exercitarea profesiei de inspector ITP în Olanda În vederea menținerii dreptului de exercitare a profesiei, inspectorii ITP din Olanda trebuie să participe la efectuarea unor cursuri de. An Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) is document which describes the plan for managing the quality control and assurance of a particular element of the construction works providing information on the requirements, overview of the method(s) to be used, responsibilities of relevant parties, and documentary evidence to be provided to verify compliance ITP is the minimum requirement of the activities for quality control and inspection of the field construction work. This Inspection and Testing Plan outline the extent of witness inspection and its reporting. CONFLICTING REQUIREMENTS Should conflicts exist between this specification and other documents, the following order of precedence shall govern: Scope of Work Dat What is the Inspection and Test Plan or ITP? An ITP covers all the construction activities that are being carried out during and after the construction. Learning and understanding ITP along with the construction procedures and Method of statement for specific activities will give a wide range of understanding regarding the job being executed A good ITP or inspection test plan mitigates many of these risks by ensuring that there is a plan in place and approvals for testing and inspecting work as it is completed - but ITR's can still play a critical role in being that last line of defence. In many cases, contractors and construction companies do complete their own ITR's, which can be.

Electrical Inspection Checklists This pdf contains 77 electrical inspection checklists taken from the 2014 Electrical Inspection Manual with Checklists. The checklists are in PDF format and can be completed electronically or printed and used as hard copy Looking for online definition of ITP or what ITP stands for? ITP is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar AMBIENT CONDITION Before initiating surface preparation or coating operations, the temperatures (air and surface), dew point, relative humidity, and wind velocity must be checked to ensure that they conform to specification requirements. SSPC-PA 1 provides information on proper conditions for shop and field painting. Since ambient and steel temperatures may change quickly, they should b

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Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) - An Inspection & Test Plan is the program of inspection, testing of materials, and survey shall be prepared and submitted by the contractor to the Engineer for approval before usage and application to the site. Here is a definition of Checklist. Checklist or QVD (Quality Verifying Documents) - A list of items. ITP (INSPECTION & TEST PLAN) is a Document that defines the activities requiring inspection or test (witness hold points etc.) the controlling specifications the acceptance criteria the persons responsible and the record to be produced The Inspector is trained to maintain and register of all Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) including Checklists. The Inspector will be responsible and the appointed person to be in control of quality control of the installation works. The person will be appointed in the main Agreement documents. The Contractor's senior of the Inspector shall. and inspectors; Table 3 is an ITP guidance document for QA/QC for tie-in coating transition areas; and Pocket guides for tables 1, 2 and 3 have been developed for printing and easy use in the field by welding and coating workers and inspectors. These are attached. Table 4 is a listing of the construction, coating and welding inspection issues. Inside the Park (baseball) ITP. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. ITP. Industria de Turbo Propulsores (Spanish aeronautical company) ITP. Individual Transition Plan. ITP. Inspectia Tehnica Periodica (Romanian: Technical Inspection

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  1. An ITP should be prepared by the Builder/Owner (as applicable) and shall at least: — list the various activities with respect to manufacturing, testing and commissioning — identify customer's, DNV GL's and other agreed standards that are applicable to those activities — define the extent of surveillance by DNV GL. This project specific ITP should be submitted to DNV GL by the.
  2. Inspection and Test Plan with Checklist need to submit (this document is one of most required documents in construction) The inspection and test plan shall be made next to the PQP and it will be submitted separately. The ITP is our book of inspection as I also wrote in one of the articles here, wherein the stages of the inspection are indicated.
  3. Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) An Inspection & Test Plan is the program of inspection, testing of materials, and survey shall be prepared and submitted by the contractor to the Engineer for approval before usage and application to the site. Inspection Test Plans (ITPs) and How to Use Them - Buildsoft
  4. QuickPick Inspection, Iași. 638 likes · 128 talking about this. Stație ITP (Inspecție Tehnică Periodică) autorizata RAR. Ne dorim ca mereu să depășim așteptările clienților. Ținem pasul cu ultimile..
  5. Michigan DOT - Structural Steel Fabrication QAI ITP - Level I Page 1 of 6 REVISION DATE 30 October 2020, supersedes 30 July 2020 EW -2019 This Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) supplements the inspection procedures of the MDOT Structural Fabrication Quality Manua
  6. Inspection Test Plan. Checklist. ITP Register. Hold / Witness Point Register. Import / Export. This is a list of all of the import and export functions that are available on the Specifications Register. To learn more about importing data click here. Import Specifications from file (.cpx

1047.8 Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) Pipe Inspection Guide. This guide will assist in the inspection of all types and configurations of Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, couplings and fittings. Answer each question and take the action indicated for the answer given. If no condition is provided for a particular answer, move on to the next question An Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is a preset number of inspections that get applied to a Project or Phase. It determines which checklists are to be used and in what order are predetermined. You can simply add an Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) to a Project, rather than creating an ITP Template The Interstate Travel Program (ITP) at Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for inspection of passenger-carrying conveyances during their construction and operation as well as the. The ITP identifies all inspection points for the purchaser's inspector. Then the manufacturer needs to prepare the project quality control plan based on this inspection and test plan. The manufacturer notifies the purchaser's inspector in advance to attend at the factory for witnessing the inspections and tests ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) A simple document that identifies the items of materials and work to be inspected or tested, by whom and at what stage or frequency, as well as Hold and Witness Points, references to relevant standards, acceptance criteria and the records to be maintained

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  1. An ITP is a 'lazy' quality plan and misses out application of the complete quality system to focus only on inspection and test. There is a standard for quality plans in ISO 10005 but not for ITPs. Steve Jone
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  3. TEHNICIAN PRESTATII VEHICULE (Inspector ITP)- Deschidere Curs În luna Aprilie vom organiza deschiderea pentru un nou curs TEHNICIAN PRESTATII VEHICULE (Inspector ITP) Detalii. 05 Apr, 2021. CURS PREGĂTIRE TEORETICĂ ÎN DOMENIUL INSTALAŢIILOR ELECTRICE TEHNOLOGICE / Electricieni autorizaţi A.N.R.E 05-07 Aprilie 2021, CURS PREGĂTIRE.
  4. Eşti pe cale să postezi un mesaj care poate încuraja pirateria şi distribuţia ilegală de materiale pe internet. Legea nr. 8 din 1996, privind dreptul de autor şi drepturile conexe, a fost modificată semnificativ prin Legea nr. 285 din 2004, prin OUG nr. 123 din 2005, precum şi prin Legea nr. 329 din 2006, iar tu ai putea să te afli în situaţia de a le încălca acum. În ipoteza.
  5. The QAP and the MP are very similar, covering all aspects from raw materials, processes, inspection points and shipping and packaging instructions, personnel qualifications, resource allocations, etc. It may include capability studies and a risk management plan. The ITP usually covers specific inspection items and dimensions, finish details.
  6. Current: Employee Salaries. The State Employee searchable database allows you to view salary information for employees and elected officials of the State of Indiana paid through the Indiana Auditor of State. You can search by Agency, First Name, and/or Last Name. Results for employees are annualized salaries from the most recent payroll cycle
  7. Inspector ITP, București. 591 de aprecieri. Punct de evaluare si eliberare ITP. In aceeasi incinta va stam la dispozitie cu o gama larga de alte servicii

Get the Editable ITP Template for the Inspection and Test Plan for the Small Power Distribution Systems Installation at construction sites. This template contains editable MS Word & Excel Small Power Systems Inspection Checklists that you can use and update as per the specifications and requirements of the project you are working on 8 Blokset MB301M Quality inspection guide Quality inspection: means and procedures 2 Quality inspection 2.1 Quality inspection function Perform the inspection with respect to: the project file and the customer document, Schneider rules and products, IEC standards. Carry out acceptance tests in the customers' presence. Perform quality follow-up and corrective actions An Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is the inspections and testing plans and procedures document which is used in a manufacturing shop for the procured equipment and material. An ITP working process starts with an agreement between the purchaser and manufacturer, and the manufacturer provides the inspection and test plan and procedures to the purchaser This page is about the meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand ITP in the Miscellaneous field in general and in the Construction terminology in particular. Inspection and Test Plan Civil Engineerin

ITP uses precise ADS-B location data to allow for altitude changes that would otherwise be blocked by non-radar separation procedures. Flight crews flying ITP-equipped aircraft have cockpit displays and special algorithms that calculate ITP distance for the flight crew to determine if a safe climb or descent can be performed. Instead of being. Inspection and Test Plan (hereafter called as: ITP) is one of the tool of Quality Assurance program in which the detail description of the Quality Control activities are performed (by the field/site quality person such as field engineers and inspectors) in accordance with the planned and defined quality standard and requirements Inspection Procedures. The Inspection Procedures highlighted in blue have an effective date that is different from the issue date.. Documents listed with an R in the Reference Doc column are for reference use only and are not subject to the requirements of a periodic review, in accordance with IMC 0040

ORA Inspection Guides. The .gov means it's official. Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil When preparing an ITP, the word Surveillance would be shown against all selected inspection or test points that are not otherwise covered by Hold or Witness Points. QC Inspection Checklists As noted in with some work, the logical stage to carry out an inspection or test is often after a number of separate activities, but prior to a major.

ITP is the minimum requirement of the activities for quality control and inspection of the field construction work. This Inspection and Testing Plan outline the extent of witness inspection and its reporting Resident QA/QC Inspector on behalf of ITP (InTerPipe) - (Compiegne and Nancy areas, France) ABSHERON project (Saipem/Total) and ZINIA project (Subsea7/Total) / Resident inspector for quality surveillance / monitoring of 500+ Pipe-in-Pipe Insulated Sleeves (DN450/500) : supervision of welding qualification (WPS and WPQR for swage welds, samples destructive testing, welds NDT supervision.

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Web Inspector allows web and mobile app developers to use macOS and OS X Safari Developer Tools to remotely debug web content or hybrid apps in mobile Safari on iPad or iPhone. It's an easy and practical way to debug, optimize and modify your web pages or hybrid apps on iOS Inspection Test Plan (ITP) ر ه یدا رادتب هک تس باوتکم هویر کی (ITP) یسرزاب و تست همانرب ل وئسم نیفرطد .درگ یم دی أتیهژور پنآ رد لوئسم نیفرط قو هفا تباژور #DarexAutoRadauti #ITP Inspector I.T.P. Ciprian Popescu ☎️075712131 IT Tech Packaging, Inc. (NYSE MKT: ITP) (IT Tech Packaging or the Company), a leading manufacturer and distributor of diversified paper products in North China, announced today the pricing of. Category filter: Show All (95)Most Common (0)Technology (18)Government & Military (28)Science & Medicine (22)Business (22)Organizations (28)Slang / Jargon (7) Acronym Definition ITP Interactive Telecommunications Program (New York University) ITP Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura ITP Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (blood disorder) ITP In This Picture.

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Evaluate portions of an applicant's Maintenance Procedures Manuals (MPM) and identify unacceptable errors; Evaluate an applicant's training curriculum and determine if initial approval can be granted; Evaluate the results of a main base inspection and determine inspector actions; Complete a mock AMO certificate and Standard Operating. schedule inspection. Inspection of granular base shall consist of, but not be limited, to the following: a. Granular base cross -section; b. Compaction - proof-roll with a loaded twenty (20) ton dump truck; c. Visual inspection of granular material - too dry, too wet, too sandy, etc.; and d. Verification of the construction stakeout. 19 inspection guideline which should serve as a minimum standard. Global Property inspection forms can be used for documentation or as a guide for the insured to develop their own. This document provides an overview of the major inspection testing and maintenance requirements of th ITP FOR STRUCTURAL STEEL WORK. EMPLOYER : PROJECT TITLE CONTRACTOR : 3000 BBL/DAY CAPACITY SEMI REGENERATIVE CATALYTIC REFORMING UNIT & ASSOCIATED FACILITIES INSPECTION AND TEST PLAN FOR FABRICATION & ERECTION OF STEEL STRUCTURAL WORK REV. A Inspection Scope CHARACTERISTICS TO BE TYPE / METHOD OF SR NO DESCRIPTION OF ITEMS EXTENT OF CHECK. Quality Inspector [Intro Paragraph] The first paragraph should be two to three sentences that set the tone for your advertisement. This is the place where you provide a marketing summary of your company that will attract the right candidate

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The duty of the Inspection Engineer shall include but not be limited to the following tasks: Make sure that any activity offered for his inspection has an approved shop drawing, method statement (MS), Quality Control Procedure (QCP) and Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) View ITP_Plastering.xls from BIO 151 at Reid State Technical College, Evergreen. Page : 05 Document Title: Method Statement for plastering Revision : 0 Date : INSPECTION & TEST PLAN (ITP

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ITP RCJ CE 020 (Road Markings & Reflectors Installation) Download. ITP RCJ CE 020 (Road Markings & Reflectors Installation) Fahad Aziz. INSPECTION AND TEST PLAN (ITP) Contract # 092-C48 Name of Contractor 1 2 3 ITP #: RCJ-CE-020 ROAD MARKING AND ROAD REFLETOR INSTALLATION Rev #: 0 P&C of TS-8 Page #: 4 UNIT/ AREA / LOCATION 5 DISCIPLINE 6.

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